WM 166cm C cup with Head #266 Fast Shipping

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This is a low weight sex doll

wm doll 166 C Cup 31.4KG TPE Sex Doll

Hollow Breasts Standing Feet Shrugging Shoulders Tan Skin Enhanced Mouth


The Starter Pack includes lots of goodies for doll care and maintenance

The lubricated vagina option is here! You can add this option to a fixed or removable vagina. It will work for 50 uses. We recommend a removable vagina option because then you can buy a new one for more uses.

This option is sometimes called EVO Skeleton.

Do you want a different head?

Realistic body painting is only available on White, Natural and Tan skin tones and is easily removed by excessive rubbing or use of solvents.

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Her measurements are: –

  • Height: 166cm 

  • Weight: 31.4kg

  • Bra size:  C Cup

  • Full bust: 78cm

  • Underbust: 62cm
  • Waist: 51cm
  • Hip: 81cm

  • Foot length: 21cm

  • Thigh girth: 47cm 

  • Calf girth: 28cm
  • Ankle girth: 18.5cm

  • Wrist girth: 12.5cm
  • Upper arm girth: 21.5cm

  • Leg length: 83cm
  • Arm length: 16cm

  • Shoulder breadth: 42.5cm
  • Vagina depth girth: 18cm

  • Anus depth: 15cm
  • Oral depth:12cm

She has been ordered for stock as per the images: –
  • Tan Skin
  • Fixed Vagina
  • Enhanced Mouth
  • Standing Feet
  • Shrugging Shoulders

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Athletic, Natural