WM Doll Torso B2 Torso with Head 39

GBP £1149.00

This is a low weight sex doll

The Starter Pack includes lots of goodies for doll care and maintenance

The lubricated vagina option is here! You can add this option to a fixed or removable vagina. It will work for 50 uses. We recommend a removable vagina option because then you can buy a new one for more uses.

Real Oral Sex Head currently only available on Heads 70, 198, 120, 85, 273, 452 and 432. Please change the head number if you want this option.

This option is sometimes called EVO Skeleton.

Realistic body painting is only available on White, Natural and Tan skin tones and is easily removed by excessive rubbing or use of solvents.

Here is the WM Doll Torso B2 Torso with Head 39.

The torso has no arms or legs for easy storage and the head is removable too.

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